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AVJ & Associates is a professional services firm focused on providing high quality services to its clients in the field of assurance, tax, risk advisory, corporate advisory and specialist advisory. We expect to realise this by placing our clients’ needs front and center at all times, hiring the best professionals, investing continuously in their personal and professional development and adhering rigorously to a set of values that are core to everything we do.

We are a team of chartered accountants with vast knowledge and professional experience and specializein providing compliance and advisory services to growth oriented enterprises by adopting best international tools, methodologies and independence/risk management standards for all its services.

AVJ & Associates offers skills to varied type of clients ranging from corporate sector, public sector undertakings, banks, charitable institutions, small and medium level firms and individuals. The mode of working of our professional team depends on the business needs of each organization, which are then separately considered and the solutions tailored as per their requirements.

The firm strives to assure client satisfaction by soliciting the team's input to improve quality and efficiency, soliciting client feedback, facilitating knowledge transfer to the client, facilitating quality review, identifying and communicating additional opportunities.

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Company Profile

We are professionally managed Chartered Accountants firm engaged in diverse fields of Financial Management and Legal Services. We are a vibrant team of three partners with the assisting staff, guided by the principle of hard work, discipline and client care. We believe to stay ahead in the vibrant changing economy world to provide our clients most consistent and prompt quality services. Experienced and motivated professionals with matching expertise back this philosophy. At AVJ & Associates,we provide a wide spectrum of services to both national and international clients. It has service offerings both for established business and new business. The executive team of the firm provides real world solutions to complex business issues by laying stress on meeting time-bound schedules and continuously upgrading technical skills. We are committed to provide consistent, customized and workable solutions to our clients and strive to support our services with the highest level of professionalism, efficiency and technology. Our services are aimed at helping our clients in developing proper accounting, tax planning, management and controlling systems and complying with various statutory laws and requirements. Today´s business needs an advisor who can not only work in formulating effective financial strategies, but also has the experience to help implement effectively and swiftly. With deep experience our aspiration is to team with our clients in creating value for their organisation.


At AVJ & Associates, the core value of the firm has been to provide top-notch services with highest level of integrity, transparency, loyalty and result orientations. The firm places strong emphasis on professional ethics, which are never compromised.


Commitment to maintain integrity in our efforts, confidence of our clients and people and conduct is the main motto of the firm. Honesty, integrity, independence, ethics and objectivity are the bench marks on which performance of the firm and its personnel are measured and tested every moment.

Passion for Professional Excellence

We are committed to working with the best clients, hiring the best people, providing the best environment, and providing consistent, high quality value-added services to our clients. Our professional approach is not just practical, but is also technically sound, effective and implementable. We tend to advise our clients after obtaining the necessary understanding of the underlying business transactions and the business imperatives and then combining it with the understanding of the regulatory framework.

Moral Responsibility

We believe in professionalism and engaging in practices which are legal and practical. We strive to operate with professional behaviour and competence within the applicable laws.

Personal growth

We are committed to an environment that continually fosters personal and professional growth of all our people. We will achieve this by providing a best-in-class work environment through ongoing investment in technical and professional development, providing challenging professional opportunities to our people and consistently living our values.


We are committed to the philosophy of mutual respect and fair treatment in all our dealings with clients, our people and all stakeholders. We believe in community service and constantly share our knowledge with whomsoever we operate.

Our Vision

At AVJ & Associates, our main purpose is to turn our professional knowledge into value, for the benefit of our clients and our people. Our team of professionals aim to provide clients with a globally consistent set of multidisciplinary tax and accounting services.

Our vision is to provide the best financial solutions and become a world class organization. We aim at "total customer satisfaction" and our clients' development by constantly multiplying value.

Our vision is to be a global service provider in the field of corporate finance, taxation, audit and assurance and corporate laws.

We aim at developing a team of dedicated & highly profession chartered accountants to offer quality service which is comparable to that of leading international firms with a personalized touch.

Our Mision

Continuously enhance our skills to serve our clients better through quality work, dedication, knowledge up-dation and professionalism.

Providing diverse and customised services to our clients with the help of development of professional skill.

Building a motivated and committed team of professionals where all members work together to achieve a common goal.

Development of professionalism by maintaining highest standards of integrity and confidentiality, ensuring transparency in all client dealings and proactively assessing the client needs.

Our Team

A wealth of experience to help you achieve more

Establishing a strong, personal and direct relationship with both our personal and business clients is important to us. Our aim is to help you by listening to your needs and responding quickly with relevant advice. Our team is readily accessible, so you save time by being able to speak with us quickly and easily with any questions or concerns that you might have.

Vivek Aggarwal

Partner, F.C.A, M.C.S.E & M.C.D.B.A

Jitin Kapoor

Partner, F.C.A, F.A.F.D, D.I.S.A

Ashima Jain

Partner, F.C.A

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